About EARTHDOG! Promotions

With a background in printing, the idea that everything or everybody need promoting. Whether it be an established business or a start up, there needs to be a way to get the word out.

Singers, songwriters, and bands need some way to keep their fan base informed as to current shows and even merchandise. Word of mouth is great, but can be increased with a web presence such as even a link to their website.

Individuals or companies that have an excess of merchandise in stock, needs a way to get the public consumers aware of the products. One way is to find an outlet that could advertise for them.

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My Creative Team

Les Miller [aka: EARTHDOG!}
A die-hard South Florida music fan, EARTHDOG! has been involved in printing and advertising since the mid 1980s.

More to follow.

More to follow

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You Can Learn More About EARTHDOG! Promotions!

Since this is what this page is "ABOUT!"

My Skills

Quality is upmost important to maintaining a positive image.
"Nothing is perfect." But, if I can show the best representation of you, your group, or your business, then that is all that matters. Quality work is what you deserve, and I will make sure that you get it.

Your satifaction it critical to my service.
Your gratification to my quality work is essential in helping me to leave a lasting impression. I promise effecient and excellent service. Your feedback is vital to me, and communication is a key component to helping me to maintain a clear vision of the finished product. Honesty is just as important, and I want you to feel that you can trust me.

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